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Border-to-Border Trail (B2B)

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B2B logo.pngBorder-to-Border Trail Map and Bike Map - 2016

What is the Border-to-Border Trail?

Destinations Along the B2B - Current and future
Use the bike map link for navigation purposes.
The Huron River winds through approximately 35 miles of Washtenaw County.  The Border-to-Border Trail (B2B) represents an ongoing collaboration of communities and organizations to construct a shared-use path that will link the open spaces of the Huron River Greenway. Over 24 miles of paved, shared-use paths exist as a part of the B2B today, with more to come.
Recently, Washtenaw County Parks has teamed up with the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative (HWPI) to expand the B2B. HWPI is a grass-roots group who is working to connect Dexter, Chelsea, Stockbridge, and Pinckney (via the Lakelands Trail).  The planning of these connections is moving along full steam ahead!  Once complete, the addition of this new section of B2B will make nearly 70 miles of continuous, non-motorized pathway right here in Washtenaw County!  Visit HWPI's website for more information.
Looking to get involved in trail activities or volunteer to help keep the B2B enjoyable and safe for all trail users? The Friends Of the Border-to-Border Trail is a non-profit group that helps us do just that!
With its County Greenways Initiative, the Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Commission (WCPARC) has made a serious commitment to expand hike and bike trails throughout the county. The B2B is one of WCPARC's top priorities.  There are many exciting ongoing and upcoming projects for the B2B.  Check out the link below for details. 

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In January of 2015, the B2B was incorporated into the State of Michigan's Iron Belle Trail - a network of trails that is over 2,000 miles long and connects Belle Isle Park (Detroit) to Ironwood (western upper peninsula).  We are proud to be a partner in this exciting trail initiative!

Key Project Elements and Goals:

  • Completion of +/- 35 miles of the Huron River Greenway - a paved shared-use pathway connecting Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, and Dexter along the Huron River
  • Completion of +/- 29 miles of the Huron Waterloo Pathway - a paved shared use path connecting Dexter, Chelsea, Stockbridge, the Lakelands Trail, and Pinckney in a "Loop"
  • Conservation of the Huron River corridor
  • Provide opportunities for transportation, recreation, river access, and links to neighboring counties
  • To the maximum extent possible, the trail is routed away from roads to create a safe a fun experience for a wide range of users
  • Distinctive signage system creates a unique identity for the B2B while helping users navigate the trail
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