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Active B2B Projects

B2B logo.pngB2B Project Planning

The Border-to-Border Trail (B2B) represents an ongoing collaboration of communities and organizations to construct a shared-use path that will link the open spaces of the Huron River Greenway.  For implementation purposes, the B2B trail has been broken down into segments (A-M).  There are many parts of the trail in various stages of planning, design or construction, either directly by Washtenaw County Parks or in partnership with other municipalities and organizations.  This page highlights some of the most active segments or components of the B2B that are in process.
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Active B2B Projects

Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative:  Chelsea Area - This project is the first trail built in partnership with HWPI and WCPARC. The trail is 2.5 miles long, starting at Werkner Road at M-52 and ending at the Green Lake Campground access road in Waterloo Recreation Area.  This project might even break ground still in 2017! 
We are working on a connection to the new DTE Energy Foundation Mountain Bike Trail too. The next phase of this trail will continue northwest from Green Lake and end at North Territorial Road. Visit HWPI's webpage for to learn more.

Dexter-Huron Metropark to Zeeb Road - The project is 1.2 miles long and includes two pedestrian bridges over the Huron River. The project is in the final stages of engineering and is anticipated to be under construction in 2018.
Zeeb Road to Wagner Road Engineering - A continuation of the trail from the previous segment (above), WCPARC is in the early stages of detailed engineering and route planning.  Stay tuned for information about any upcoming public meetings.
Ypsilanti Master Plan - WCPARC is going through a planning process to determine a long-term plan for how to best route, sign, and improve the trail in the Ypsilanti area. This project includes coordinating a connection with Wayne County. Stay tuned for information on public meetings.

Ypsilanti River Side Park to Water Street - A pedestrian bridge from the south end of Riverside Park over the Huron River has been installed!  It leads to a HAWK signal to create a pedestrian friendly crossing of Michigan Ave.  The trail continues through the Water Street site, which is nearing completion of final site remediation by the City of Ypsilanti.
Dexter - The final remaining gap in the trail that will link the City of Dexter to Dexter-Huron Metropark has been paved!  Trail maps and wayfinding signs are coming soon.
Connection to the Lakelands Trail - Washtenaw County Parks is working with the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority (HCMA) and other agencies to determine a potential trail route that would continue the B2B from Hudson Mills Metropark, north to the Lakelands Trail in Livingston County.
Gallup Park Path Reconstruction:  The City of Ann Arbor has completed the repaving of the trail from Gallup to Parker Mill.

Master Plan: Dexter to Ann Arbor - Washtenaw County Parks, with the help of a consultant team, has recently completed a Master Plan for the B2B between Dexter and Ann Arbor.  This corridor represents the largest remaining gap in the B2B (7.17 miles) and will involve a great deal of coordination with many agencies, municipalities, and organizations.

 Thank you to everyone who participated in the public meetings and provided feedback on the Master Plan Draft.  All public comments that were received are available for viewing, here.
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