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Birding is a great activity for all ages, so grab your binoculars and a field guide and see what wonderful birds you can find.

For birding enthusiasts, record the species you see using eBird. This website provides a real-time, online checklist and offers basic information about abundance and distribution of bird populations. Scientists, researchers, and birders—avid and casual—can have access to data about bird distribution and abundance.

Right now, most WCPARC’s parks and roughly half the preserves are listed as a hotspot.  eBird "hotspots"  make a property’s bird checklist available on the website, and enable staff to benefit from the observations made by the local birding community. If you would like to start adding observations, sign up for a free eBird account. Be sure to look for Washtenaw County parks and preserves that are hotspots in order to include your data.

One example of how WCPARC is taking advantage of eBird data is to help with land management.  This information will be used to help develop stewardship plans and monitoring in the near future.


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