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Bicycles are welcome at WCPARC parks and vehicle entry fees do not apply.

At Parker Mill, a one mile multi-use hard surfaced trail which connects to Gallup Park is available. 

At Independence Lake Park a paved trail is available.

At Rolling Hills Park offers miles of different types of trails to accodomate various types of riding.  A newly paved trail, spanning nearly two miles, is available.  Woodland and nature trails made up up grass, limestone, and crushed stone are available for mountain biking.
Mtn Biking1  Mtn Biking2  Bike on lookout  Mtn Biking3  Paved1
Photos of Rolling Hills Park Bike Trails

For the protection of park users and resources the following restrictions apply:
•  Bicycles must remain on designated roads and paths only
•  No bicycles on designated nature trails or boardwalks
•  Bicycles are not permitted on Hoyt G. Post trail at Parker Mill Park
•  No off-trail biking

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