Park Laborer Aide


DATE:       2/3/2014
STATUS:  Parks Seasonal (3-6 Months)
SALARY RANGE:   $9.00 to $12.75/hr
TITLE:  Park Laborer Aide
JOB CODE:  0105

JOB DESCRIPTION:   Under the supervision of a higher classified employee, position involves a variety of semi-skilled tasks to construct, repair and maintain County Park grounds and in the development of new parks and preserves; Mows, Trims, and clears debris for grass, trees, and shrubs using hand and power tools, hand and riding mowers. Seeds, fertilizes and tends grass areas, weeds landscape, garden, and facilities areas. Rakes and hauls leaves using rakes and leaf blowers, moves dirt, rocks and other materials as instructed. Sets new trees, prunes and trims new and existing trees as instructed, utilizing chain saws, and various hand and motorized grooming tools. In addition, cuts, chips and clears dead trees and brush as instructed. Cleans shelters, restrooms, and other parks and golf facilities, replenishes supplies, makes minor repairs and mops as necessary.  Transports, loads and unloads necessary materials, equipment, tools and personnel used for maintenance, repair and construction activities. Performs both minor repairs and routine maintenance on equipment; performing periodic tasks such as greasing, oiling, and sharpening blades. Maintains daily records on equipment and supplies used on work assignments, also maintains daily timesheets. May perform the duties of other maintenance personnel as necessary, due to excessive workloads, temporary absences or emergencies.
Performs other duties as assigned.

DEPARTMENT:   Parks and Recreation – Various Locations
                      PO Box 8465, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

EDUCATION:  Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent with additional knowledge of general plant care, gardening, landscaping, or other related fields is desirable (Master Gardener or other related coursework preferred).

EXPERIENCE:   A minimum of one (1) year experience involving maintenance, repair and construction activities or equivalent. Demonstrates proficiency in the use, service and repair of lawn-care equipment such as ‘Groundsmaster’ 345, tractors, weed trimmers, back-pack blowers etc.

LICENSES AND CERTIFICATIONS:  Must possess a valid driver’s license.

NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Must be physically capable of completing any necessary tasks relating to above, and with physical agility to lift eighty (80) pounds. Must be able to operate, maintain and perform certain repairs on standard equipment including lawnmowers, trimmers, saws, etc.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:   Complete application form and return to either of the following locations:

FILING DEADLINE:     Open Until Filled


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  220 N. Main St.
  P.O. Box 8645
  Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645
  Phone: 734-222-6800
  Fax: 734-222-6775

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