Volunteers are welcomed throughout the school year. There are an endless number of ways for parents, students and community volunteers to become involved in Head Start. Here are some ways to become involved:

  • Assist with the classroom activities
  • Attend parent meetings
  • Become involved with your Center Site Committee
  • Help with Field Trips
  • Prepare materials for the classroom teacher (in class or at home)
  • Share special interests or hobbies with the children in the classrooms
  • Telephone other parents with information and/or requests
  • Interpret for non-English speaking families / translate communications
  • Help plan events throughout the year
  • Help recruit eligible families (children and parent volunteers)
  • Share nutritional recipes for classroom newsletter
  • Attend special parent trainings and conferences
  • Participate in the Health Services Advisory Committee
  • Be a safety crossing guard (Grantee only)

If you have any other ideas, please bring them to Classroom Teachers, Site Director or anyone on the Head Start staff.

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