Parent Involvement

Washtenaw County Head Start expects the highest levels of involvement from its parents because it is crucial to both the children's and our program's success. Please visit the volunteer page for the ways you can involved in the Head Start program. Head Start staff is always available to help parents find the best ways to offer their skills.

Family Partnerships: Building relationships and partnering with our families is an integral part of our Head Start program. It enable staff to work together with families to support them in their growth as well as in attaining personal and family goals. Through this proces we are also able to connect families with services and opportunities in the community.

Program Governance: Parents and staff share in the decision making process in our Head Start program. Each Head Start site has a center site committee from which representatives are selected to sit on the Head Start Policy Council. Policy Council representatives report back to their center site committees on a monthly basis to ensure the timely dissemination of program information.

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