The Creative Curriculum is used in Head Start. By using this curriculum, children's interactions and explorations with their environment help facilitate their learning.

Washtenaw County's Head Start program is multidimensional. We focus on the following areas:

  • Literacy
    Children learn to recognize letters of the alphabet, object recognition and number recognition by engaging in various classroom activities.

  • Language
    Children are encouraged to express themselves creatively with music, art, drama and storytelling. They learn to express their emotions in creative and acceptable ways, and are encouraged to verbally express their feelings and to communicate their needs to others.

  • Cognitive
    Children are provided with many hands-on learning opportunities to develop pre-reading and writing skills. They will also explore scientific and mathematical concepts such as counting predicting, measuring and problem solving.

  • Emotional
    Staff help the children build their self-esteem and confidence by encouraging them to learn to make choices and develop independence.

  • Social
    Classroom staff provides the children with opportunities to express themselves in a socially acceptable manner. The children are encouraged to respect the rights and opinions of others. Diversity awareness activities are a part of the daily lessons.

  • Physical
    Children have daily indoor/outdoor play experience to develop fine motor, large motor and sensory-motor development.

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