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How to Become a Vendor

A Vendor Application form is submitted online. The applications go into a Vendor File maintained by the Accounts Payable Division of Finance.

Purchasing People ImageThe prospective vendor must fill out the Vendor Application completely and click submit.

    Commodities or services offered are listed by Commodity Code Numbers.

    Choose which commodity code(s) pertain to your company.

      Type all information accurately.

        The Federal Identification Number or your Social Security Number MUST be provided.  All vendor payment checks are issued from this number.

          A vendor may modify any information on the application by sending a letter noting the change on company letterhead and signed by a principal of the company.  A vendor must also give written notice of any change in company name, address or ownership, and e-mail address.

          To learn about Doing Business with Washtenaw County, click the brochure here.

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