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Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Question MarkHow do I get on your vendor list?

Vendors should submit a Vendor Application Form online and then contact the appropriate Buyer.

What is the next step after submitting my application?

Once the application has been received, it is appropriate to contact the Buyer who handles your product to schedule an appointment.

Which documents cannot be faxed to the purchasing division?

Bids which have been issued through the regular solicitation process, may not be faxed. Under special circumstances, a buyer may request facsimile or e-mail only bids, which must then be followed up by submission of the original hardcopy documentation.

Why am I not receiving any bids since being placed on your bidders list?

There are several reasons why you may not have received bids. The most prominent reason is the number of vendors competing in your commodity code. They are done on a rotating basis. Second, the bids may have been issued just prior to your application being received. Third, the commodity may be on a yearly or multi-year price agreement and not yet due for bidding. Please feel free to discuss this with a Buyer to determine the reason.

Please explain alternate products?

Alternate products will be considered when offered by the vendor, but the product must meet or exceed the specified item in the judgment of the County. The County is under no obligation to consider alternates and may specifically call for "no substitutes" in the bid specification.

Is the process for frequently purchased commodities different?

Frequently used commodities are generally acquired by blanket orders or price agreements, which is typically an annual purchase order.

Does Washtenaw County have a set-a-side or quota for minorities?

Washtenaw County does not have a set-a-side or quota for minority vendors, but the Purchasing Division, following the County's Affirmative Action policies, cooperates to the fullest extent to make sure minorities are offered equal opportunity to bid on projects.

Are other county departments allowed to do purchasing?

Yes, as all entities in Washtenaw County do not fall under this Purchasing Division. The following is a list of units that have the responsibility for their own procurement.

  1. Washtenaw County Road Commission
  2. Washtenaw County Schools
  3. Washtenaw County Community College
  4. Other Governmental Units

Other than the exceptions noted above, the sole point of contact for procurement is the Purchasing Division. Vendors should not contact departments unless the Purchasing Division has instructed them to do so and given them a contact person.

How do I know which buyer to contact?

The Department Organization lists each Buyer and their (general) assigned commodities.

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