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The Purchasing Division of the Finance Department of Washtenaw County has the responsibility to review specifications, establish terms and conditions, issue bid solicitations, and procure goods and services required for the operation of the County Government.

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Department Organization

Each team member is responsible for a subset of commodities and/or duties, as listed below.

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Freedom of Information (FOIA) and Ethics

The Freedom of information Act, Act 442 of 1976, MCL 15.241, is an Act established to provide for public access to certain public records of public bodies.

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Purchasing Business Rules

Rules surrounding the use of Purchase Orders, Bids and Quotes when Doing Business with the County.

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Bid/Quote Method and Procedures

The Purchasing Division utilizes several different methods of acquisition. The selection depends on the type of product or service requested. The purpose is for standardization of types and methods of bid solicitations and applies to all purchases.

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Recycling and Sustainability

Washtenaw County is actively engaged in recycling and sustainability. The Board of Commissioners has recognized its value and has established initiatives to implement and further efforts in this field.

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Procurement Documentation/Definitions

To provide guidance and definition of the different acquisition methods and documents used by Washtenaw County in procurement of all goods and services.

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