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2010/11 Budget Summary

Final Budget as adopted by the Board of Commissioners December2, 2009.

Includes: Table of Contents and Administrator's Message (overview of budget).
Budget Resolution - 2010/2011 Adopted
Complete text of budget resolution.
Budget Preparation, Policy & Issues
Includes: Process Overview, Timeline, Principles, Phase 1 & 2 Adjustment Overview
Departmental Summaries
A comprehensive overview of each of the County's departments including their Business Plan.
Financial Trends
Includes: Monitoring system overview, revenue overview by source, expenses by source, operating positions and community needs indicators.
Budget Summary
Complete overview of revenues and expenditures with tables and pie charts.
Revenue Discussion
In depth analysis of revenue.
Capital Improvement & Debt Service
Includes: technology, fleet, building maintenance and space plan.
Business Rules
How we do business in Washtenaw County
Additional information about Washtenaw County.
2010-11 Dept Summary Introduction Final.pdf
Administrator's Message 2010 FINAL.pdf
2nd half 2010 INTRO FINAL.pdf
Appendix 2010.pdf
Budget Prep Section 2010 Final.pdf
Capital Debt Section 10-11 Prelim.pdf
Budget Summary 2010-11 FINAL for Print.pdf
Org Chart 2010 Budget.pdf
Readers Guide 2010 FINAL.pdf
2010-11 Budget Resolution Final.pdf
Revenue Discussion 2010 Prelim.pdf
Table of Contents 2010-11 expanded FINAL.pdf
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