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Gardening by the Month

Gardening Hot Topics for every Month- MORE INFORMATION on gardening can be found online at The Master Gardener Hotline is open from April to October, Monday through Friday Lines are available 9:00 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at 888-678-3464 Other resources are the Michigan State Extension Service website: news.msue.msu.ed

 Black Walnut Tree Toxicity to other plants

Ash Tree Alert

Insect and Disease Diagnostic Services

Tips on selecting an arborist

Don't Prune Oaks due to Oak Wilt

What is a Pollinator?



Apple Scab

Container Gardening

Controlling Mosquitoes & West Nile Virus

Cutworms & Slugs

Dividing Clumps of Perennials

Drip Irrigation

Eastern Tent Caterpiillars

Fertilizing Vegetables

Garlic Mustard

Growing Asparagus

Growing Cucumbers, Melons & Squash

Growing Summer Flowering Bulbs

Growing Tomatoes

Guidelines for Installing, Fertilizing, & Maintaining Lake Front Lawns

Incorrect Mulching Can Cause Tree Problems

Keeping Houseplants while on Vacation


Mowing Lawns

Mulching Vegetable & Flowers

Mushrooms in the Lawn

Planting Strawberries

Poison Ivy Control

Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs

Pruning Needled Evergreens

Putting Houseplants Outdoors for Summer

Rose Diseases & Pests

Spring control of Lawn Grubs

Storm Injury on Trees


Vegetable Garden Insect & Disease Control



After Bloom Care of Hardy Bulbs

Birch Leaf Miner

Buying Transplants

Container Garden

Controlling Mosquitoes & West Nile Virus

Controlling Pine Sawfly

Crop Rotation


Dividing Clumps of Perennials

Easter Lily Care

Eastern Tent Caterpillars

Flower Pollination and Fruit Development

Flowers for Dry Areas

Flowers for Shady Areas

Frost Protection of Seedlings & Tender Plants

Garlic Mustard

Growing Fruit Trees

Growing Leafy Crops

Growing Summer Flowering Bulbs

Hardening off Transplants

Lawn Renovation

Maple Petiole Borer

Nut Varieties for Michigan

Ornamental Grasses

Paw Paw, A Native Fruit Tree

Plant Hardiness Zones & When to Plant

Planting Balled, Burlap, and Bare Root Trees

Planting Strawberries

Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs

Putting Houseplants Outdoors for Summer


Spring Control of Lawn Grubs

Vegetable Garden Planning

Wildflower Protection in Michgan

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