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Gardening by the Month

Gardening Hot Topics for every Month- MORE INFORMATION on gardening can be found online at The Master Gardener Hotline is open from April to October, Monday through Friday Lines are available 9:00 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at 888-678-3464 Other resources are the Michigan State Extension Service website: news.msue.msu.ed

 Black Walnut Tree Toxicity to other plants

Ash Tree Alert

Insect and Disease Diagnostic Services

Tips on selecting an arborist

Don't Prune Oaks due to Oak Wilt

What is a Pollinator?



Cold Frames and Hotbeds

Cole Crops

Crab Grass Control

Crop Rotation

Dormant Sprays for Friut & Ornamental Trees

Forcing Branches Indoors

Garden Catalogs

Garden Soil Preparation & Soil Enrichment (Compost & Green Manure)

Growing Asparagus

Growing Leafy Greens

Growing Peas

Perennials from Seed

Plant Hardiness Zones & When to Plant

Planting, Training and Fertiilizing Raspberries and Blackbarries

Propagating Houseplants by Air Layering

Propagating Houseplants from Leaf & Stem Cuttings

Pruning Friut Trees

Pruning Grapes

Pruning Tools


Soil Testing

Starting Plants from Seed & Testing Leftover Seed

Starting Vegetable Plants Indoor

Storm Injury on Trees

Transplanting Houseplants



Azalea Houseplants

Buying a New Houseplant

Caring for Holiday Plants & Getting Plants to Re-Flower

Caring for Potted Christmas Trees & After Hoiday Care

Containers for Houseplants

Deicing Sidewalks

Feeding Birds

Forcing Branches Indoors

Garden Catalogs


Growing African Violtes

Growing Herbs Indoors

Growing Succulents

Home Ivading Pests

Houseplants and Light

Overwintering House Plants: Watering and Humidity

Preventing Winter Damages from Deer, Mice, and Rabbits

Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Reducing Salt Injury on Plants

Shaking Off the Winter Blues

Soils for Houseplants

Storm Injury on Trees

Transplanting Houseplants

Why Your House Plants Won't Flower

Winter Protection of Tender Plants

Winter Protection of Trees and Shrubs

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