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Gardening by the Month

Gardening Hot Topics for every Month- MORE INFORMATION on gardening can be found online at The Master Gardener Hotline is open from April to October, Monday through Friday Lines are available 9:00 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at 888-678-3464 Other resources are the Michigan State Extension Service website: news.msue.msu.ed

 Black Walnut Tree Toxicity to other plants

Ash Tree Alert

Insect and Disease Diagnostic Services

Tips on selecting an arborist

Don't Prune Oaks due to Oak Wilt

What is a Pollinator?




Autumn Garden Clean up

Caring for Holiday Plants & Getting Plants to Re-Flower

Caring for Potted Christmas Trees

Choosing and Care of Christmas Trees

Deicing Sidewalks

Digging & Storing Summer Flowering Bulbs

Dried Sunflower, Pumkin & OIther Seeds

Fall Tree Management to REduce Disease

Feeding Birds

Forcing of Spring Flowering Bulbs

GiveTools a Fall Clean Up

Growing African Violets

Growing Bromeliads

Growing Cyclamens

Growing Herbs Indoors

Growing Houseplant Ferns

Growing Vegetables Indoors

Home Invading Pests

Late Fall Lawn Fertilizing

Light Needs of Houseplants

Overwintering House Plants: Watering & Humidity

Planting Hardy Bulbs

Preventing Winter Damage from Deer, Mice & Rabbits

Why Your Houseplants Won't Flower

Winter Protection of Tender Plants

Winter Protection of Trees and Shrubs


Apple Scab

Autumn Garden Clean up

Autumn Rose Care

Box Elder Bugs

Bringing Houseplants Back Indoors

Controlling Animals in the Garden

Cover Crops

Digging & Storing Summer Flowering Bulbs

Dividing Irises & Litlies

Drying Sunflower, Pumpkin, & Other Seeds

Feeding Birds

Forcing of Spring Flowering Bulbs

Garlic Mustard

Give Tools a Fall Clean Up

Harvesting Vegetable & Garden Seeds

Home Invading Pests


Late Blooming Perrenials for Fall

Late Fall Lawn Fertilizing

Late Fall Tree Management to Reduce Disease

Outdoor Vegetable Storage

Planting Balled, Burlapped, & Bare Root Trees

Planting Hardy Bulbs

Poison Ivy Control

Preserving Herbs

Pruning Fruit Trees

Pruning New Fruit Trees

Stink Bugs

Storing Vegetables Indoors


Transplanting Peonies

Wasps, Hornets, & Yellow Jackets

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