Mortgage Foreclosure Intervention

The Washtenaw County Foreclosure Intervention Collaborative is a collaborative effort through the Michigan State University Extension Office, Washtenaw County Treasurer’s Office, Housing Bureau for Seniors, and Legal Services of South Central Michigan. If you are a Washtenaw County resident and would like to schedule an appointment with a HUD and MSHDA certified housing counselor, please call the intake desk at 734-222-9595. This service is FREE.


    1. Where are you in the Foreclosure Timeline
    2.  Keeping Your Home
    3. How Do I Write  a Hardship Letter 
    4. When You Cant Keep Your Home
    5.  Let Foreclosure Happen
    6. Life After Foreclosure
    7. Options after the Sheriff's Sale
    8. Additional Information about Sherriff's Sale from WCTO's Website
    9. Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 and Cancellation of Debt 1099-c*

    10. Consumer Alert: Scams (National Consumer Law Center 2007)*

    11. Referrals (Including Lawyer Referral Service)*

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