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Onsite Well and Septic Systems

Onsite Well and Septic SystemIn areas where municipal water and sewer services are not available, homeowners must rely on well and sewage (septic) systems to meet their needs. In fact, more than 2.6 million Michigan citizens use water from private drinking water wells, and over 1.4 million Michigan homes have onsite sewage systems. 

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  • Address Assignment by Township: Find out who to contact to get an address assigned at your property.
  • Water Protection Activities in Washtenaw County: This report provided a single source of information to the public regarding potential sources of contamination to groundwater and surface water within the County. It highlighted the protection activities designed to address those concerns, and offered a synopsis of local water quality indicators for each of the County's cities, villages and townships. Note this report was completed in 2009.

Septic System
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Please note that it is the responsibility of the contractor or owner to contact the Miss Dig 
notification system at 811 or 800-482-7171 and comply with all requirements of the
Miss Dig Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act before starting any excavation work.
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