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Water Protection Activities

Water Protection Activities in Washtenaw County Report

The Water Protection Activities in Washtenaw County report provides a single source of information to the public regarding potential sources of contamination to groundwater and surface water within the County. It highlights the protection activities designed to address those concerns, and offers a synopsis of local water quality indicators for each of the County's cities, villages and townships.

The report is the product of collaboration between the Washtenaw County Department of Planning and Environment and the Washtenaw County Office of the Drain Commissioner. For questions or comments regarding the Water Protection Activities in Washtenaw County report, please contact:

Jennifer Conn
Environmental Analyst
Washtenaw County
(734) 222-3855

Water Protection Activities in Washtenaw County

Full Report (14 MB pdf)


Front Cover



Acknowledgements, Forward and Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Maps, Figures and Tables

1.0 - Introduction

2.0 - Groundwater
2.1 - Conditions and Trends
2.2 - Protection Activities
2.3 - Challenges and Responses
2.4 - Organizations
2.5 - Local Tools

3.0 - Surface Water
3.1 - Conditions and Trends
3.2 - Protection Activities
3.3 - Challenges and Responses
3.4 - Organizations
3.5 - Local Tools

Appendix A - Local Unit of Government Water Quality Indicators
A1 - Ann Arbor Township
A2 - Augusta Township
A3 - Bridgewater Township
A4 - Dexter Township
A5 - Freedom Township
A6 - Lima Township
A7 - Lodi Township
A8 - Lyndon Township
A9 - Manchester Township
A10 - Northfield Township
A11 - Pittsfield Township
A12 - Salem Township
A13 - Saline Township
A14 - Scio Township
A15 - Sharon Township
A16 - Superior Township
A17 - Sylvan Township
A18 - Webster Township
A19 - York Township
A20 - Ypsilanti Township
A21 - Ann Arbor City
A22 - Barton Hills Village
A23 - Chelsea City
A24 - Dexter Village
A25 - Manchester Village
A26 - Milan City
A27 - Saline City
A28 - Ypsilanti City

Appendix B - Watershed Plans and Best Management Practices

Appendix C - Acronyms and Abbreviations

Appendix D - References

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