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Solid Waste Management & Planning

The Washtenaw County Solid Waste Management System consists of collection, transfer, processing and disposal facilities. The network of system facilities are utilized to support "enhanced waste prevention, reduction, and recycling, composting and sanitary landfill service."

2015-17 Amendment - Solid Waste Management Plan:  The main purpose of the Solid Waste Management Plan Amendment is to protect public health, to assure adequate disposal capacity for all waste generated within County borders, and to establish goals for waste prevention and recycling.

View the 2016 Solid Waste Program Annual Report2015 Annual Report,  2014 Annual Report, and 2013 Annual Report.  Reports detail the activities of the Washtenaw County Solid Waste Division, including solid waste management, recycling, and home toxics reduction initiatives.

Residential Solid Waste Profile & Assessment Report (2005):  The report is based on an assessment of solid waste managements systems at the local and county level. The report intended to stimulate discussions of the findings and recommendations and to assist local units of government to develop residential solid waste systems that are convenient and cost-effective, are sustainable, promote waste reduction and recycling and reduce impacts to the environment and public health.

Washtenaw County Consortium for Solid Waste Management (WCCSWM):  The WCCSWM was established in 1991 to foster communication and collaboration between local governments and public agencies on solid waste and recycling issues. Membership is voluntary and limited to local units of government and public agencies. 

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