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2015-16 Solid Waste Plan Amendment

2017 WC SWMP Executive Summary
April 2017 Minutes
April 2017 Minutes
April 2017
October 2017 Agenda
SWPC 7.19.17 Slide Deck
7.19.17 SWPC Public Hearing Agenda
July 2017 Draft SWPC Public Hearing Minutes
Solid Waste Management Planning Committee
The Washtenaw County Solid Waste Management Planning Committee met from August 2015 to October 2017. Meeting dates, agendas, minutes and accompanying information can be found here.
February Minutes
April 2017 SWPC Agenda
February 2017 Minutes
February 2017 Agenda
Meeting Slide Decks
Powerpoint slides from SWPC Meetings
December 2016 Minutes
WC SWPC Agenda Jan 2017 Final.pdf
November 2016 Minutes
December 2016 Agenda
October 2016 Minutes
November 2016 SWPC Agenda
September 2016 Minutes
Solid Waste Plan Survey Results 2016
Advanced Disposal News Release 8.29.16
Letter from Advanced Disposal 8.29.16
October 2016 SWPC Agenda
August 2016 Minutes
September 2016 Agenda.pdf
July 2016 Minutes
August 2016 Agenda
June 2016 Minutes
July 2016 SWPC Agenda
June 2016 Agenda
SWPC Bylaws
April 2016 Minutes
May 2016 SWPC Agenda
SWPC Project Timeline - Updated September 2016
April 2016 SWPC Slides
Feb 2016 SWPC Minutes
January 2016 SWPC Minutes
November 2015 SWPC Minutes
October 2015 SWPC Minutes
September 2015 SWPC Minutes
August 2015 SWPC Minutes
February 2016 SWPC Agenda
November 2015 SWPC Agenda
October 2015 SWPC Agenda
September 2015 SWPC Agenda
August 2015 SWPC Agenda
Solid Waste Plan Process
DEQ Solid Waste Amendment Guidance
SWPC Members
SWPC Jan 2016 Agenda
April 2016 SWPC Ageneda
SWMP Infographic
May 2016 SWPC Minutes
DRAFT Solid Waste Plan Amendment 4.21.17
DRAFT Solid Waste Plan Amendment 4.21.17
April 2017 SWPC Minutes_ DRAFT.pdf
SWP Extension Public Notice 7.20.17
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