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Recycling/Hauling Companies Servicing Washtenaw County

The following is a partial list of haulers who have indicated interest in servicing Washtenaw County businesses and residences. We have attempted to ensure that the information provided for each company is as complete as possible. Please contact individual companies for further clarifications on their available options.

This list should not be viewed as an endorsement of any particular company or program.

Acme Hauling

6007 Marshall Rd.
Scio Township, MI 48130
tel: (734) 995-5499

Acme Hauling provides commercial and some residential services to the Ann Arbor area, Ypsilanti, and Dexter. They collect trash and also recyclables for an additional fee. Special pickups are available for garage and basement clean-outs and construction sites. Pickup charge varies with every job, but free estimates are available.

All Points Waste

30880 Smith Road
Romulus, MI 48174
tek: (734) 721-3700

Servicing all of Washtenaw County, All Points Waste offers 20, 30, and 40 yard open top containers for removal of all types of waste, including general debris, wood, roofing, dirt, concrete, and C & D Debris. They offer recycling containers for large producers of office paper or cardboard and also have compactors and compactor containers available.

American Waste Technologies, Inc.

44141 Yost Rd.
Belleville, MI 48111
tel: (734) 747-8227

American Waste Techonologies, Inc. services all of Washtenaw County. Primarily, they provide 10, 12, 15, 20, and 30 yard containers for remodeling and roofing projects. Recyclables may also be picked up with special arrangements. American Waste Technologies, Inc. is also a licensed hazardous waste hauler. Their service price depends on the size of the container provided and the frequency of pickup.

Calverts Roll-off Containers

P.O. Box 7939
Ann Arbor, MI 48107
tel: (734) 994-5256
fax: (734) 426-2482

Calverts focuses on the construction and demolition industry , as well as very large generators of specific materials. They will provide large dumpsters at construction/demolition sites where waste and recyclables are thrown. Recyclables such as concrete, metals, cardboard, glass and reusable materials are sorted out by Calverts at their Ann Arbor facility. Call the above number for more detailed information. They service all of southeast Michigan.

Commercial Container Service

tel: (734) 981-9913

Commercial Container Service offers services in all of Washtenaw County. They offer residential curbside pickup for trash as well as same-day service for special clean-outs. They provide front-end services, compactors, and roll-off containers for the commercial sector. Plastics, concrete, and steel may also be picked up for recycling.

Daily Recycling of Michigan

200 Maltin Road
Carleton, MI 48117
tel: (734) 654-9800
fax: (313) 654-3114

Daily Recycling of Michigan is a roll-off Container Company that serves the recycling and disposal needs of commercial, industrial and residential contractors, as well as homeowners. The majority of what they pick up is construction and demolition debris. Their containers range in size from 10-30 yards. They provide recycling consulting and discounts for separation of materials. They have a new composting facility to accept leaves, grass and tree trimmings. In Washtenaw County, their service includes various portions including Ann Arbor. They also offer volume discounts and service agreements.

Dinverno Recycling

4600 E. Nevada
Detroit, MI 48234
tel: (313)892-3535
fax: (313)892-4999

Dinverno offers trash and recycling pick up services. They provide various sizes of specially marked containers for in the office. Office paper, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, and containers are picked up. There service are includes Washtenaw County and other nearby areas in southeast Michigan.

Hornback Recycling

4360 N. Territorial Road East
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
tel: (800) 662-9361
fax: (734) 662-0619

Hornback Recycling operates in Ann Arbor and the surrounding townships including Northfield and Webster. Hornback offers bins to businesses and collects the recyclables twice a month. Billing is quarterly. The materials collected by Hornback include glass, #1 and #2 plastic, styrofoam, tin, aluminum cans and foil, dry cell batteries, boxboard, and paper products. Larger 13 yard roll-off containers are also available for construction sites. In residential areas trash is picked up at the curbside weekly. Trash cans are provided when requested. Recycling containers are also provided and picked up biweekly.

Industrial Materials Clearance

30211 Ecorse Road
Romulus, MI 48174
tel: (734) 728-3570
fax: (734) 728-3810

IMC provides recycling of concrete, corrugated cardboard, newspapers, wood and some plastics for Washtenaw County. They service both commercial and residential building sites and yard cleanup by providing roll-off containers and scrap metal collection.

Metro Waste Haulers

29131 Michigan Ave.
Inkster, MI 48141
tel: (734) 728-1263

Metro Waste Haulers provide 10-80 yard containers for wood, steel and cardboard recycling at demolition and asbestos removal sites within Washtenaw County. They also provide 42 cubic yard compactor containers for commercial, industrial and institutional uses.

Mister Rubbish/Waste Management

11655 Venture Drive
Whitmore Lake, MI 48489
tel: (800) 971-7490
fax: (734) 449-7314

Mister Rubbish offers residential and commercial recycling in areas of Washtenaw County.  Residentially, they offer curbside recycling in Scio Townhip, Saline, Milan and Dexter.  Commercially, they will service all of Washtenaw county by providing recycling dumpsters for the collection of cardboard, paper and plastic.

Monroe's Rubbish Removal

9004 River Valley
Brighton, MI 48116
tel: (810) 231-1055

Monroe's Rubbish Removal services residential areas and businesses throughout Washtenaw County. In residential areas trash is picked up weekly. The cost is $45 every three months or $51 if collection carts are supplied by Monroe's. This also includes recycling pickup every other week, for which containers are supplied. Newspaper, office paper, residential mail, cardboard, boxboard, plastic #1 and #2, tin, and aluminum are collected for recyling. Rear-load dumpsters are supplied to businesses for weekly trash and recycling pickup.

Nelson Paper

30880 Smith Road
Romulus, MI 48174
tel: (734) 721-3700

Nelson Paper services all of Washtenaw County for its commercial and industrial recycling needs. They can tailor a recycling program to fit your business's needs. They provide 64-gallon recycling containers, desk-side recycling services, baled cardboard recycling and confidential document destruction, among other services.


10599 Five Mile Road
Northville, MI 48167
tel: (248) 349-7230

Onyx offers a variety of recycling opportunities that can be tailored to business needs. The following materials are accepted: office paper and mixed paper (including computer paper, fax paper, carbonless forms, glossies and envelopes) cardboard, plastic, glass, tin, wood pallets, and newspapers (the last five items depend on volume). Onyx services all of Washtenaw County.

Recycle Ann Arbor

2420 South Industrial
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
tel: (734) 662-6288
fax: (734) 662-7749

Recycle Ann Arbor is a non-profit agency currently servicing commercial businesses in Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities. Materials collected include white, computer and mixed office paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, Styrofoam, toner cartridges, hard and soft cover books, telephone books and more. They offer collection containers for the materials and have flexible collection schedules. To large volume customers they offer baler and compacting services, as well as incentives for high values materials. Also available to the public and commercial sector is the Buy Back Program and the Reuse Center.


10455 Ford Rd.
Dearborn, MI 48126
tel: (313) 581-9510
fax: (313) 581-9190

RecycleMax, Inc. is a full service waste management company that provides services for commercial, industrial and institutional customers. RecycleMax collects rubbish, mixed office paper, corrugated cardboard, plastics, metals and wood - plus provides educational brochures, posters, and signs. Their collection equipment includes: 90, 30, & 23-gallon containers; compactors; open-top containers; Front Load Dumpster; Gaylord boxes and desktop recycling trays. RecycleMax also provides a confidential recycling service and is available for special clean-ups or demolition projects. Their transportation fleet includes semi-trailers, box trucks, roll-offs and Front End Loaders. Pricing is determined by equipment, frequency of collection, and transportation costs.

Superior Sanitation

P.O. Box #361
Brighton, MI 48116
tel: (810) 227-1298

Superior Sanitation offers commercial pickup services in Washtenaw County. Front-load containers and roll-off containers of 10, 20, and 30 yards are available for businesses, demolition, and construction sites. Containers are picked up and brought to a transfer station where the material is sorted. Any metal that is collected is sorted out for recycling.

Taylor Recycling

8767 Holland
Taylor, MI 48180
tel: (313) 291-7412
fax: (313) 291-7470

Currently services parts of Ypsilanti. They have roll off containers of 20, 30, and 40 yards and compactors available for commercial collection. Materials collected include paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic.

Tiger Rose Trucking

8275 Rushton
Northfield Township, MI
tel: (888) 795-9898

Tiger Rose Trucking provides special pickups for large generators of garbage in the commercial, residential, and construction sectors. Roll-off containers ranging in size from 6 to 20 cubic yards can be provided. They service all areas of Washtenaw County.

Waste Management, Inc.

Romulus, MI
tel: (313)292-0800
fax: (313) 729-8890

Waste Management, Inc. provides service to areas of Washtenaw County that are east of I-23 and south of 8 Mile Road. They offer front-end load containers for commercial trash and recycling pick up. Cardboard and office paper are collected for recycling. Office paper can be bagged and put in the larger container with the cardboard. Larger roll-off containers are also available for businesses that generate large amounts of cardboard. Pick up frequency varies depending on service needs.

Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority

8025 Werkner Road
Chelsea, MI 48118
tel: (734) 475-6160
fax: (734) 475-8655

Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority operates in Bridgewater, Lyndon, Manchester, Dexter, Sylvan, and Lima Townships and the Villages of Manchester and Chelsea. They offer recycling services primarily to large generators of recyclable materials and collect a variety of materials including cardboard, office/mixed paper, clear glass, tin, and plastics #1 and #2. Large, 40 yard roll-off containers can be provided. Pick up frequency varies with the needs of the client.

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