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Public Health's Environmental Health Division helps to produce two radio shows in collaboration with WEMU News. Tune in to hear about environmental issues impacting Washtenaw County!

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Issues of the Environment
Weekly radio show that airs each Wednesday at 8:20am.

  • Wednesday, March 25: Jarett Diamond, Director of Green Brewery Project, will discuss ways that brewing beer can be sustainable and how his organization grew out of graduate research at the University of Michigan. He will also highlight some craft breweries in the area that are using green technology.
  • Wednesday, April 1: Laura Robinson, President of Citizens for Oilfree Backyards, will discuss new policies that relate to oil exploration and building oil wells near private properties in Michigan. In particular, she will be talking about how these policies affect Scio Township’s push to keep oil out of residential areas.



The Green Room
Monthly radio show that airs the last Friday of each month at 6:50am and 8:50am.

  • Friday, February 27: Winter Pedestrian and Bicycle Access
    Are non-motorized modes of transit viable options year-round in our urban areas?
  • Friday, March 27: Learning in Nature
    While kids at your average school spend most of their time indoors except for the occasional outing, some alternative educational programs do the opposite. Based in nature, the kids are outside most all of the time, even in cold weather. Barbara Lucas visits several of these local programs to see how they do it, and why.

Tune in to 89.1FM WEMU to hear the shows on air, or listen to archived shows on our Issues of the Environment and The Green Room pages. For questions or ideas for future show topics, please contact Mary Mathias.

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