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Public Health's Environmental Health Division helps to produce two radio shows in collaboration with WEMU News. Tune in to hear about environmental issues impacting Washtenaw County!

WEMU - 89.1 FM

Issues of the Environment
Weekly radio show that airs each Wednesday at 8:20am.

  • No show the week of October 20 -24. WEMU is conducting their annual pledge drive!
  • Wednesday, October 15: Nancy Shiffler, Chair of the Sierra Club, Huron Valley Group, will be discussing the four pipelines that run through or are proposed to run through Washtenaw County and the environmental issues connected with them.

The Green Room
Monthly radio show that airs the last Friday of each month at 6:50am and 8:20am.

  • Friday, September 26: The Return of the Osprey - A Southeast Michigan Success Story
    Decimated by DDT, ospreys were nearly absent in our area fifty years ago. Now, thanks to an ambitious reintroduction and satellite transmitter program, we can all track the nesting and migration of these magnificent raptors.
  • Friday, October 31: Bats in Trouble - Local Efforts to Save Them
    Many species of bats in North America have been hit by the White-Nose Syndrome--a fungus which is devastating their populations. Meanwhile, migrating bats are being killed by wind turbines, and pest control companies kill bats while removing them from homes. Are there alternatives? We depend on bats for insect control, so what can we do in our local area to help our bats?

Tune in to 89.1FM WEMU to hear the shows on air, or listen to archived shows on our Issues of the Environment and The Green Room pages. For questions or ideas for future show topics, please contact Mary Mathias.

Thanks for listening!

Tune in to 89.1 FM

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