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1999 Environmental Excellence Award Winners

The Washtenaw County Environmental Issues Group is pleased to announce the Winners of the 1999 Environmental Excellence Awards! The Awards were presented at the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioner's meeting on Wednesday, April 21.

Overall Environmental Excellence Award

McNaughton& Gunn

Environmental Excellence in Water Quality Protection

Colonial Square Cooperative

Honorable Mention

Thetford Corporation-Baker Road Facility

Environmental Excellence in Pollution Prevention

Stony Creek Services

Honorable Mention

Sarns 3M Healthcare

Environmental Excellence in Waste Reduction and Recycling

Cava Java

Honorable Mention

Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research

1999 Overall Environmental Excellence Award

McNaughton & Gunn, Inc.

960 Woodland Drive
Saline, MI 48176
Contact: Jack Briegel, Vice President of Manufacturing: (734) 429-5411

Washtenaw County is pleased to announce that McNaughton & Gunn, Inc. is the recipient of the Overall Environmental Excellence Award. A book manufacturer located in Saline, this company has demonstrated success in all three categories; waste reduction and recycling, pollution prevention, and water quality protection.

In an average month, McNaughton and Gunn processes over two million pounds of paper into books. This process generates paper, film scraps, aluminum printing plates, ink, and other items. Employees are encouraged to find new ways to reduce and reuse, and recycle as much as they can. They also "close the loop" by purchasing recycled products and offer their customers a recycled paper for books. The many recycling projects they have implemented not only protect our environment, but they make sense in the pocket book as well. Their waste prevention and recycling programs have decreased their waste from 1,660 cubic yards in 1990 to 160 yards in 1999.

McNaughton & Gunn is also a leader when it comes to pollution prevention. They have completely eliminated the need for isopropyl alcohol, and are using low volatile organic chemical solvents for many of their washes. Many of their printing presses use vegetable-based inks, and a number of other systems are being developed to reduce chemical and water use and increasing the amount of silver recovered.

Finally, McNaughton & Gunn, Inc. has created a plan to protect the water quality in surrounding areas. The company minimizes the amount of potentially polluting materials and wastes kept in storage and revisits procedures for this process yearly. A comprehensive spill response plan has been developed and implemented with trained team members. Employee incentives to protect water quality have been developed and implemented through an in-house program. McNaughton & Gunn has committed to soil testing of site turf areas to determine the most appropriate fertilizer type and amount to use.

It is truly impossible to list all the of the innovative things that this company is doing in just a few minutes. One of the most important things to point out is that they do a great job and they don't keep it to themselves! Company owner, Jack Briegel, is a leader of a statewide project that aims to make pollution prevention a standard practice in the lithographic printing industry. He helps other businesses learn by his example, and offers many training opportunities both inside and outside of the State of Michigan.

Environmental Excellence In Water Quality Protection:

Colonial Square Cooperative

3012 Williamsburg
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Contact: Art Stauch, Managing Agent: (734) 971-7272

Always a supporter of environmentally friendly practices, Colonial Square Cooperative, located in Ann Arbor, has formulated a plan to encourage tenants to protect water quality and conducts regular site evaluations to identify pollution prevention opportunities. They specify low maintenance plantings and test soils to determine fertilizer need. Colonial Square Cooperative contractors are required to implement Community Partners for Clean Streams Program practices and are monitored by site staff. Colonial Square also promotes these practices and educates its community through its monthly newsletter. Overall, Colonial Square Cooperative provides and exemplary model of multi-family complex commitment to environmental stewardship.

Honorable Mention:

Thetford Corporation Baker Road Facility

Contact: Jerry Wireman, Manufacturing Manager

The Thetford Corporation Baker Road Distribution Facility has instituted a comprehensive spill response plan that is implemented by the Thetford In-House Response Team. Thetford Corporation utilizes the least toxic methods for landscaping maintenance, applies no lawn fertilizers and composts landscape wastes. They have specified a natural plantings strip at their site detention pond to reduce the amount of stormwater pollutants entering the pond. Thetford Corporation has demonstrated a commitment to water quality through numerous site pollution prevention activities.

Environmental Excellence In Pollution Prevention:

Stony Creek Services

Stony Creek is a small family owned business that helps industrial facilities meet federal noise exposure standards by providing insulation and sound dampening materials. SCS earns this special recognition for their work in reducing hazardous substances.

Over the years, as SCS has become more acquainted with the Countys pollution prevention goals, they have instituted more and more changes to protect the environment. First, they upgraded their storage facilities for spill containment and fire/explosion control and started a detailed Worker Right-to-Know program. Employees go through chemical safety training twice a year. Second, they sought out alternative products to reduce chemical hazards related to their operation, and contracted for off-site vehicle oil changes to eliminate waste oil handling. Finally, SCS closes the loop by purchasing recycled content paper as part of their materials and any extra materials are reused or sent back to suppliers reducing excess waste.

Stony Creek Services has been working with the Countys Pollution Prevention Program since 1988 and serves as an example to all business that no matter what the size, pollution prevention is economically and environmentally feasible .

Honorable Mention in Pollution Prevention:

Sarns 3M Healthcare

Contact: Tom Peterson

3M is located off of Jackson Road in Scio Township. This facility earns an honorable mention in pollution prevention for the many steps they have taken to reduce chemical usage on site.

Formerly a fully regulated hazardous waste generator, the facility has now attained "small quantity generator" status. Many liquids formerly stored in drums and other large containers are now purchased in small quantity containers on a short-term or as needed basis. They have also eliminated the use of trichloroethylene by implementing ultrasonic cleaning technology and water-based cleaning compounds.

In addition, Sarns has been granted ISO 14001 certification and corporate environmental reviews are conducted regularly. They maintain maintains a well-trained emergency squad and collaborate with the local fire department.

In compliance with the Pollution Prevention Regulation, Sarns has been granted reduced frequency inspection status since 1995 and has always been very responsive to the requests and recommendations of PPP staff.

Environmental Excellence In Waste Reduction And Recycling:

Cava Java

1101 S. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Contact: Roshanak Ameli, President: (734) 996-5567

Cava Java has two locations in Ann Arbor servicing both downtown and the university campus.. One of the most notable achievements of Cava Java in an effort to reduce waste and recycle is its strong employee incentive program. This program awards a $500-$1000 scholarship to employees who create and implement different recycling programs. Recipients have created programs that have led to the utilization of both sides of time cards and register tapes. Raises and bonuses are also partially based on waste reduction initiatives taken by employees. Moreover, Cava Java makes environmentally preferable purchases for their materials and require their vendors to have environmentally friendly procedures.

Honorable Mention in Waste Reduction And Recycling:

Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research

2800 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Contact: Mike Lemon, Environmental Project Manager: (734) 622-3059

With 2800 employees at this site in Ann Arbor, a strong internal waste minimization program has seen good results. All employees receive an orientation training that includes recycling and waste reduction practices. Parke-Davis has also created a Waste Minimization Plan that involves waste stream assessments and the purchase of environmentally preferable products such as toner cartridges, toilet paper, and paper towels. Office supplies are constantly being re-used as well as using paper on both sides.

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