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2008 Environmental Excellence Award Winners

The Environmental Excellence Awards Program aims to recognize businesses and non-profit organizations in Washtenaw County that provide leadership in environmental stewardship in the areas of water quality protection, waste reduction and recycling, and pollution prevention. Winners not only comply with environmental regulations, but they also implement innovative practices to protect our environment.

To commemorate National Pollution Prevention Week, Washtenaw County was pleased to recognize the following local businesses and institutions for their demonstrated environmental leadership by presenting the 2008 Annual Environmental Excellence Awards at the October 15, 2008 Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners Meeting:

2008 Environmental Excellence Overall Winner:  VA Ann Arbor Health Care System

The VA Healthcare System located on Fuller Road in Ann Arbor was established in 1953 and serves 158,000 veterans living in a 15-county area of Michigan and northwest Ohio. The hospital maintains 98 acute care beds and 40 extended care beds. The VA Healthcare System practices many environmentally-sound activities, including:  all catch basins are marked with the Dump No Waste message and are regularly maintained;  fats, oils and grease from food preparation is properly disposed and recycled;  Proper Disposal of Drugs and Personal Care Products brochures are distributed to staff and patients;  environmental rounds are conducted weekly;  and deicers are applied with sensitivity to temperature for conservative usage.

2008 Excellence in Water Quality Protection Winner:  Fox Hills Golf and Conference Center

Among the many environmental activities practiced at Fox Hills, highlights include:  the course is a certified Audubon sanctuary;  voluntary water quality monitoring takes place on Fleming Creek;  all site catch basins are labeled with the Dump No Waste - Drains to Stream message;  least hazardous products are identified and used whenever possible;  irrigation systems are regularly monitored;  and they are a member of the Michigan Turf Grass Environmental Stewardship Program.  Accepting the award for Foxhills Golf and Conference Center was President Kathy Aznavorian and Course Superintendent Eric Niemur.

2008 Excellence in Water Quality Protection Honorable Mention:  Howard Cooper, Inc.

Howard Cooper is located in Ann Arbor and is an Audi, Porsche, Honda and Volkswagen Dealer. The dealership has incorporated many water quality protection activities at its site, including:  a dedicated wash bay;  an approved storm water detention pond planting plan;  and heated pavement to reduce deicer use.  Jason Brinkman accepted the award on behalf of Howard Cooper, Inc.

2008 Excellence in Water Quality Protection  Honorable Mention:  Kramer-Triad Management, Inc.- Tower Plaza 

Many water quality protection practices occur at this very urban site, some of which includee:  dry sweeping methods on all exterior pavements;  no pressure washing is employed;  equipment is fluid drained and winter stored;  and Proper Disposal of Drugs and Personal Care Products brochures were distributed to all 297 residents of the Tower.  Jan Bradley of Kramer-Triad Management, Inc. accepted the award on behalf of Tower Plaza.

2008 Excellence in Waste Reduction and Recycling Winner:  Washtenaw Woodwrights

This residential home remodeler not only includes Green Design into additions for customers, but also: use insulation made with old blue jeans;  use formaldehyde-free cabinets;  recycle all inert materials on the jobsite; and incorporate natural lighting in additions to reduce artificial lighting needs.

2008 Excellence in Waste Reduction and Recycling Honorable Mention:  Ypsilanti Food Co-Op  

Since 1975, the Co-Op has provided locally grown and organic foods. They also have incorporated several waste reduction techniques in their store, come of which include:  installing wood shelving made from trees destroyed by the emerald ash borer;  installing additional solar panels to eliminate the need for electricity from the grid for their bakery;  providing free compost for customers;  recycling all containers;  and providing incentives for customers who use reusable bags.

2008 Excellence in Pollution Prevention Winner:  Kunststoff-Technik Scherer & Trier USA, Inc.

Some of the environmentally-sound activities at this plastic injection molding facility in Saline include:  recovery of machine oil for recycling;  including an environmental orientation for all new employees;  recirculation of cooling water from machines to heat the facility;  and waste plastic materials are sent for blending into carpet manufacturing. 


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Community Partners for Clean Streams:  Community Partners for Clean Streams is a cooperative effort between the Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner's Office and Washtenaw County businesses and institutions with a common goal to promote business practices that protect Washtenaw County's watersheds and waterways.

Pollution Prevention Program:  The Pollution Prevention Program is responsible for inspecting facilities that store, manufacture, or use hazardous, toxic, or polluting materials. Inspectors ensure that facilities utilize and dispose of hazardous materials properly, thereby preventing environmental contamination. This program operates in accordance with the Washtenaw County Pollution Prevention Regulation.

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