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2007 Environmental Excellence Award Winners

The Environmental Excellence Awards Program aims to recognize businesses and non-profit organizations in Washtenaw County that provide leadership in environmental stewardship in the areas of water quality protection, waste reduction and recycling, and pollution prevention. Winners not only comply with environmental regulations, but they also implement innovative practices to protect our environment.

The 2007 Environmental Excellence Overall Winner:  Whitmore Lake High School.

Whitmore Lake High School is LEED certified and employs geothermal heating and cooling. Heat and energy recovery units are used to save energy and lighting is promoted by way of building design - automatically activated and adjusted. A conservation philosophy is integral to the building design and local building products were used whenever possible.

The Excellence in Water Quality Protection goes to Pittsfield Charter Township.

Pittsfield Township is the first township in Michigan to conduct a volunteer frog and toad survey as an indicator of water quality - now in it's 4th year. It has creared a farmland and openspace protection program and wetlands as small as one tenth of an acre are protected. The township has established rain gardens, prairie plantings, a butterfly garden, and planted pond buffers. Pittsfield Township strictly protects woodland preservation and mitigation standards and has enacted a lawn fertilizer regulation to limit nutrient pollution of streans. The township also locally enforces soil erosion and sedimentation regulations.

Honorable mentions go to Seva and Dexter Village Road Maintenance Facility.

Seva's water quality protection practices include being a Community Partner since 2001 and has recycled to prevent waste since the 1980s. The least hazardous maintenance products are researched and chemical usage is kept to a minimum.

The Village of Dexter has been a Community Partner since 2005. Storm drains are stenciled and the village has also sponsored catchbasin stenciling projects in village neighborhoods. Deicer is minimally used and all landscaping wastes are composted. Streets are swept on a regular maintenance schedule.

The Excellence in Waste Reduction and Recycling goes to Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity's new ReStore is a 15,000 sq. ft. facility that houses scrap metal, wood, lightly used applienaces and more to be sold at affordable prices to the public for re-use. In their first six months of operation Habitat estimates they diverted more than 100,000 pounds of waste from landfills. Proceeds from the ReStore are used to build more affordable housing throughout Washtenaw County.

Honorable mentions go to Heritage School of Saline and AC3 - Collaborative Architecture.

Heritage School is congratulated for developing a "Recycling Club", which consists of over 50 elementary student members. The Recycling Club organizes paper, cardboard, and containers recycling in every classroom and empties the bins every day after school. Other buildings in the school district are following Heritage School's example by starting their own recycling clubs.

AC3's building will be the first in downtown Ann Arbor to be registered with the USGBC and designed to LEED-CI Gold Certification standards, as well as being the first with a greef roof, the first to use a geothermal energy system, and the first to meet the Mayor's 2030 Challenge. Their corporate offices will serve as an educational tool for the community as well as their clients about the benefits of sustainable design.

The Excellence in Pollution Prevention goes to Pittsfield Charter Township.
Honorable mention goes to Dexter Village Road Maintenance Facility.


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