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3728 Plaza Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Business Overview

With the founding of ZingTrain in 1994, we began to formally share our approach to business through 2-day seminars, 4-hour workshops and also books and training DVDs.

ZingTrain’s founding and managing partner, Maggie Bayless, specializes in training and instructional design and developed Zingerman’s Bottom Line Training® approach. Maggie worked out of her attic for the first couple of years, eventually moving into “real” office space in a basement across the street from Zingerman’s Deli. No longer a one-woman show and no longer in an attic (or a basement!), the ZingTrain team now works out of a custom-designed training facility on the south side of Ann Arbor, near Zingerman’s Bakehouse, Creamery and Coffee Company and across town from Zingerman’s Deli.

ZingTrain offers public seminars on a range of business-related topics, ranging from customer service and leadership to marketing and HR, and regularly conducts private sessions of those seminars for individual organizations.

The tools, techniques and methodologies taught at ZingTrain have been tested and honed by implementation and constant improvement at each and every one of the eight Zingerman’s businesses. Our clients tell us that while many things make the ZingTrain experience special, one of the most important is the fact that they learn about systems in our classroom and then see those very tools in action when they visit our businesses.


Sustainable Business Practices

    • Comprehensive recycling and compost programs. Our compost system accepts all organic material including meat, bones, raw dough, paper toweling, etc.
    • Zero Waste education
    • Sustainable purchasing initiatives
    • Green Cleaning
    • Green House Gas metrics. Carbon footprint calculated annually following GHG protocol for scope 1, 2 and some scope 3 emissions
    • Facilities Energy Audit
    • Planet Zingerman's internal committee with reps from most businesses works on sustainable initiatives
    • Lighting retrofit
    • Comprehensive energy audit assessing energy use from production



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