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Washtenaw Area Transportation Study

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Washtenaw Area Transportation Study

705 N. Zeeb Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Business Overview


 The Washtenaw Area Transportation Study (WATS) is a multi-jurisdictional agency responsible for transportation planning in Washtenaw County. The agency is mandated by Federal law to provide a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process, which guides the expenditure of state and federal transportation funds in Washtenaw County. WATS annually establishes project priorities for consideration by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) when programming transportation funds.  In addition, WATS continually monitors the current condition of the county's transportation system, including roads, bicycle and pedestrian paths, bridges, and public transit.  


Sustainable Business Practices

Every four years WATS develops a Long Range Plan listing future transportation improvements for Washtenaw County.   In the Long Range Plan WATS promotes environmentally sustainable solutions throughout the County by including projects designed to reduce traffic congestion, encourage walking and biking and a more robust transit system.   On a daily basis WATS has reduced paper usage by converting to electronic month newsletters, their offices are equipped with motion detectors that turn off lights when unoccupied  and recycle bins are conveniently located throughout the office to encourage recycling. 


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