ReValue Waste

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ReValue Waste
1515 Pontiac Trl.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Business Overview

ReValue Waste was launched in 2011 with a vision of reshaping existing supply-driven waste management into demand-driven waste recovery.  ReValue Waste will achieve this by accurately valuing and stimulating demand for materials with productive reuse, repurposing, and remanufacturing potential.  ReValue Waste is embarking on a global waste recovery operation to divert these materials away from landfills, trash heaps, and incinerators and into productive economic uses that support sustainable, long-term local economic growth. 


 Sustainable Business Practices

ReValue Waste is Rethinking Waste Management by:
1.  Re-engineering waste-related business models
2.  Reshaping market incentives for waste recovery
3.  Revising the value proposition for wasted materials 


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