Westlake Enterprises

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104 W. McKay St.
Saline, MI 48176


Business Overview

Westlake Enterprises was established in 1997 to address a need for sustainable remodeling in the Saline /Ann Arbor area. We are a small company, and focus on one job at a time so that we can work closely with the customer. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive plan for the remodel with an eye to reducing the waste stream that typically follows a residential remodel. Our specialties include kitchen and bath remodeling. When possible, we re-design using existing cabinets to improve the functionality of the room while updating to modern conveniences. We work to use energy efficient materials and look for local products. We can help homeowners to achieve a new look while minimizing their impact on the environment.


Sustainable Practices

Westlake Enterprises uses sustainable practices from the very start of the project to the end. From our zero emission all electric work truck to our reduced paper billing practices, we seek to find areas to reduce our overhead costs and in turn pass those savings on to the customer. During home remodels, we separate discarded materials into reusable and recyclable streams. We re-use as much as possible at the job site. Material in usable condition that we cannot re-use at the job goes to the best location for re-use, such as Habitat for Humanitys ReStore, or Recycle Ann Arbors ReUse Center. Disposal is a last resort. We use our 30 years of experience in energy efficient building to suggest remodeling designs and practices that will reduce energy use while improving comfort and functionality.

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