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Western Washtenaw Regional Authority

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Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority

8025 Werkner Rd.
Chelsea, MI 48118


Organization Overview

Public Works, under Michigan Public Act 185, can help local communities address their infrastructure needs by providing communities with the financial and technical assistance needed to construct wastewater, water supply, and solid waste projects as well as establishing lake management projects. 

The Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority (WWRA) is a Non Profit Public Recycling Program that was formed in 1991 with a State Grant to help Protect Michigans Future by local residents. This Grant helped finance the construction of the 4200 square foot facility located at 8025 Werkner Road in Chelsea Michigan.
The WWRA is subsidized by a group of six local communities that work cooperatively to implement residential recycling programs in the Townships of Dexter, Lyndon, Bridgewater, Manchester and Lima, and the  the City of Chelsea. The townships are served by convenient drop-off centers while the City of Chelsea have weekly Curbside Recycling pick up.


Sustainable Practices

The WWRA is now in its 16th year of operations. In 2005, 4,100 tons of recycled materials were kept out of the landfills and returned for re-use. The compacted material would have covered a football field 7 feet deep. The estimated trash disposal savings to the residents is $382,000. Since its inception, WWRA has increased its percentage of funding received by sale of product to 57%. This product includes recycled paper, glass, aluminum, computers, cardboard, and plastic. WWRA also uses waste oil to heat their facility and buys Energy-Star office equipment to conserve energy use. As a leader in recycling within Washtenaw County, we are very pleased to have WWRA as a member of the Waste Knot program.


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