VA AA Healthcare System

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V.A. Ann Arbor Healthcare System

2215 Fuller Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Business Overview

The VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System (VAAAHS) provides high quality, cost effective tertiary care to veterans residing in lower Michigan and northwestern Ohio. Primary and secondary care is provided at the Ann Arbor facility and its Community-based outpatient clinics (CBOC) in Toledo, Ohio, and Jackson and Flint, Michigan. VAAAHS treats nearly 57,000 Veterans; approximately one-third of Veterans treated reside in Ann Arbor's primary service area, and the other two-thirds come for specialty care from outlying counties. During FY12, over 504,000 outpatient visits were provided. VAAAHS operates 105 acute beds, 40 extended care beds, and 12 hemodialysis stations. Affiliated with the University of Michigan School of Medicine, all VAAAHS physicians hold joint faculty appointments at the University. An extensive research program is ongoing in clinical, basic science, health services, and rehabilitation, with VERA indirect research support exceeding $14 million and total research expenditures from all funding sources exceeding $25 million annually. The VAAAHS supports a Health Services Research and Development (HSR&D) Program, and a Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC).


Sustainable Business Practices

During the fiscal year 2007 we collected and recycled 333 tons of cardboard; 8,520 pounds of bulk lead; 2,200 pounds of lead acid batteries; 600 pounds of Alk/NiCad batteries; 2,480 pounds of plastic drums; 12,000 pounds of liquid fryer grease; 12,300 pounds of various plastics; 950+ printer/toner cartridges; 600+ pallets, all of which saved us approximately $40,000 in cost avoidance to have these products recycled rather than disposed of. We also installed two new air conditioning systems that saved us 12 million + gallons of fresh "tap" water usage and were awarded for the second year in a row "Energy Star" Status. We are the only VA Hospital in the US to acheive this status. We were inspected by the EPA who found 'No Discrepencies" and we implemented a 450+ "Sharps" container recycling program. This was our third year with this program & we are the only hospital in Michigan to have this system currently in place. We implemented a total landscaping effort to mulch and recycle all yard waste back into the grounds. We also do onsite chemical recycling for Formaldehyde, Xyelene & Alcohol, which recycles as a 99% usable product. This allowed us an annual cost savings of $15,000+ and made shipment of new product unneccessary. All white paper is shredded and recycled and our housekeeping/environmental management department uses "environmental friendly" products. All Maintenance areas are lighting controlled from our power plant, and areas are monitored and lit only when required by maintenance personnel. Finally, we have no incandesent lamps on the property, all lighting is compact fluorescent, T-12 fluorescent, LED, etc.

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