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Sustainable Practices

 The University of Michigan generates more than 17,000 tons of waste annually, approximately 30% of which is recycled.  The remainder is shipped off site to landfill and waste disposal facilities. Programs initiated by the University designed to reduce waste tonnage sent to landfills include a Student Move Out program that has sent more than 140 tons of items to local charities, and a Stadium Recycling Program during home football games.

As announced in Fall 2011, the University of Michigan aims to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to disposal facilities by 40% by 2025.  This goal is one of U-M’s five sustainability goals for 2025, as announced by President Mary Sue Coleman in 2011. The goals fall under one of four themes: climate action, waste prevention, healthy environments, and community awareness.  Each goal will be reevaluated in 2016 and may be adjusted based on variables such as changes in technology and peer university goals.

The U-M Waste Reduction and Recycling Office strives to provide waste reduction and recycling operational and educational programs that decrease the University’s environmental footprint within the local, state and global community. OWRR also motivates students, faculty, staff and visitors to apply skills learned through these programs on campus and beyond, now and in the future.


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