Trillium Real Estate

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214 W. Kingsley St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Business Overview

Trillium Real Estate was founded on the idea that helping people make good decisions should be the cornerstone of any real estate service. At Trillium, we believe in teamwork, professionalism, and accountability.  We work hard for our clients and treat every client relationship as a collaborative partnership.  As a company that is deeply committed to the spirit of cooperation and partnership, Trillium Real Estate believes good real estate decisions help build proud communities that enrich the lives of the neighbors, friends, and families who call them home.


Sustainable Business Practices

Trillium's office is located in downtown Ann Arbor to encourage walking for things such as errands and lunch. In addition to this, Trillium now has a Segway for short, quick trips around town. Trillium strives for paperless business even though the real estate industry frequently relies on paper for promotions, property advertising, and communication between clients. In addition to encouraging double-sided printing and electronic communication both internally and to clients, Trillium reuses folders and mugs, and even goes to the effort of encouraging clients maintain and implement recycling efforts in their new homes. The office also purchases recycled content paper products and designates an employee to oversee waste reduction practices. Styrofoam is collected for monthly dropoffs to the MRF. New employees are introduced to recycling upon hire and current employees are reminded of the waste reduction practices of the office. Trillium also conserves energy at the workplace by placing external lights on timers and employing night setbacks when the building is unoccupied. All indoor lights use energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs. A new project that Trillium has taken on is to use its shredded paper as mulch for home gardens and to store bulbs over the winter.


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