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Tree of Life Cultural Arts Studio

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Tree of Life

6065 Sibley Rd. Suite 1
Chelsea, MI 48118


Business Overview

Tree of Life Cultural Arts Studio offers this center as a place to:

Provide a space for the community to come together.  Open our minds and hearts to traditions from around the world.  Preserve the cultural arts.  Support the artists in our community.  Stimulate individual growth.  Initiate health and wellness to every body.  Bring innocent joy to others.  Inspire artistic expression in each and every person.  Encourage people to share their heart songs.  Allow the rhythm of life to move freely within our bodies.


Sustainable Business Practices

Our business only uses non-toxic, natural cleaning supplies. We compost our coffee grounds and what's left from our juicer and we recycle paper, cans, glass, cardboard, and plastic. We use corn cups from the company eco-cups for our customers who get water to drink and then wash those and reuse them. We also reuse folders, packing material and paper and buy a number of paper products made with recycled material.

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