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Toner Supply Certified ISO 9001

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Toner Supply ISO90001 Certified

PO Box 929
Saline, MI 48176


Business Overview

Toner Supply ISO90001 Certified is North Americas only manufacturer of printing supplies that produces ISO 9001 and European C.E. certified VIRGIN-remanufactured/recycled-laser, inkjet toner cartridges. 

Sustainable Business Practices

Toner Supply laser toner cartridges print 140% OEM page yield with NIL print failure at approximately half the cost per page printed as compared to an OEM supply. The exoskeleton of every cartridge is reused but everything inside every cartridge is new. In 2002, Toner Supply built a 5,500 square foot facility devoted to recycling printer supply parts. The staff of the facility reduces their own waste by implementing paperless invoicing, double-sided printing, and hand driers. Employees also recycle cans, paper, computers, fluorescent lights, and cell phones. In addition to reusing toner cartridges and participating in Waste Oil Recovery, Toner Supply purchases paper, business cards, and envelopes made out of recycled content materials. New employees are introduced to the organizations waste reduction program and the company has a written statement that defines waste reduction practices.


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