Thortons All Star Auto Salvage

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Thorton's All Star Auto Salvage

6270 Whitmore Lake Rd.
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189


Business Overview

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Sustainable Business Practices

Thortons All Star Auto Salvage, based in Whitmore Lake, employs many strategies in order to reduce its waste stream. The company recycles many typical office materials, including paper, packaging materials and cardboard, as well as many materials specific to the auto industry, such as scrap metal and wood debris. Recycled materials are picked up by the companys waste collection service. The company also reuses folders, boxes, packing materials and waste oil at its facilities and uses email for communication, reducing paper usage. Thortons also tries to conserve energy through the use of fluorescent light bulbs, timers on external lights and by employing night setbacks and other temperature control measures when the building is unoccupied. Thortons has taken great steps to reducing its waste and we look forward to a great future of environmentally sustainable actions from this business.


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