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TeL Systems and Thalner Electronic

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TeL Systems Logo

7235 Jackson Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


Business Overview

At TEL Systems, an employee-owned company established in 1965, our specialty is in caring for our customers and creating tailored solutions to their AV and video needs.  With a focus on design, installation, and maintenance of educational, industrial, and broadcast video and sound systems. 

We provide high-quality AV and Video solutions for our clients by assessing their current conditions, listening to their requests, evaluating their requirements, and designing a custom system to fit their needs.  With a comprehensive product line, professional engineering and installation personnel, knowledgeable sales staff and factory-trained maintenance technicians we make sure you are completely satisfied throughout the project. 


Sustainable Business Practices

The company has been recycling their paper, cardboard, and wood products for over 12 years. More recently, they have added computers into their recycling program. The laboratory realizes that waste reduction and reuse are even better waste management options then recycling, so they use e-mail for many of their correspondences and reuse a variety of other materials. They also help to close the recycling loop by purchasing such items as paper, calculator tape, and business cards made from recycled content materials. All new employees are introduced to their waste reduction and recycling program, and to ensure the continual success of the program, periodical recycling updates are sent to employees. In addition, TeL Systems purchases ENERGY STAR-rated office equipment.


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