Sustainable Systems Inc

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Sustainable Systems, Inc.

11994 Pleasant Lake Rd.
Manchester, MI 48158

Business Overview

Sustainable Systems, Inc. is a firm that installs renewable energy systems (solar & wind) on existing or new buildings/sites.


Sustainable Business Practices

The partners in the office reduce garbage disposal by encouraging double sided printing, paperless invoicing, and E-mail communication. In addition to recycling paper materials, scrap metal, wood debris, cell phones, computers, containers, and fluorescent lights, the staff reuses toner cartridges, envelopes, and recovers waste oil. The staff also purchases materials at the Re-use Center and thrift stores when shopping for client projects and the office. Sustainable Systems, Inc. conserves energy by utilizing a PV and wind system to power their refrigerator and other circuits, and by providing their hot water with solar evacuated tube collectors. The partners educate customers about energy efficiency and renewable energy by offering lectures and has organized the Washtenaw Co. branch of the National Tour of Solar Buildings.


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