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Business Overview


SoloHill Engineering, Inc. has emerged as the world leader in Microcarrier technology. The original founders continue to serve on the board of directors, and carry out many of the key executive roles. The legacy of the company has been strengthened further as these corporate officers have built a superbly talented scientific staff with centuries of collective experience. In addition, the company has been able to assemble an Advisory Board comprised of world class scientists (experts in tissue culture, microbiology, virology, vaccinology, biochemistry, and organic chemistry) as well as experienced, highly successful business people.

The corporate offices and primary manufacturing operation occupy a modern 18,000 square foot facility that includes three cell-culture labs and is located in a technology development center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Our goal is to provide world-class products and support for the cell and tissue culture industries and to achieve status as the top global supplier of Microcarrier technical solutions for both the human pharmaceutical and animal health industries.

Innovation & Research

Since the Company's founding in 1984, extensive research has been carried out, concentrating on the development of new types of Microcarriers. SoloHill holds 4 patents relating to cell culture operations and has been awarded over 20 SBIR grants which partially support our focused R & D efforts aimed at developing and producing unique Microcarriers for many cell culture applications. The company's ongoing R & D efforts have resulted in the Microcarrier industry's most diverse product offerings in addition to a portfolio of custom designed solutions for proprietary customer applications.

SoloHill has used its own well-equipped cell culture laboratories to develop manufacturing protocols for producing animal and human vaccines, such as Marek's disease (avian) vaccine and human influenza vaccine, both using unique SoloHill Microcarriers in a bioreactor-type environment. This activity is creating substantial intellectual property, which we are willing to share with commercial partners. 


Sustainable Business Practices

They operate a comprehensive waste reduction, reuse, and recycling program. Items such as folders, envelopes, boxes, packing materials and paper are all reused. The facility has made a strong commitment to recycling by designating an employee to oversee their waste reduction and recycling program. This employee ensures that a wide variety of items are all hauled to a local recycling drop off facility. SoloHill Engineering has also made a commitment to closing the recycling loop by purchasing items such as paper, envelopes and hand towels made from recycled content materials and using recycled content feedstock in their products. SoloHill also practices energy conservation by employing night setbacks for temperature control and performing routine preventative maintenance on major equipment.


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