Sithe Global

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101 N. Main St. Suite 420
Ann Arbor, MI  48104


Business Overview

Sithe Global Power, LLC is an international development company engaged in the development, construction, acquisition and operation of electric generation facilities in attractive markets around the world. In addition to our project development experience, Sithe Global retains a world-class power plant construction and operations track record. We believe that cost-effective electricity, fuel source diversification and environmental stewardship are all key elements of a socially-responsible international energy company.


Sustainable Practices

Sithe Global develops its projects in close consultation with all affected stakeholders including local inhabitants, local, regional, national and international environmental and social organizations, and relevant policy makers. Sithe Global strives to exceed, rather than just meet, the relevant environmental requirements of the countries in which it operates. Sithe Global seeks to use the cleanest and most efficient technology available for its generation facilities. Where feasible, Sithe Global will push to establish new standards of cleanliness and efficiency in its designs.

Locally, Sithe Global reduces waste by recycling through the City of Ann Arbor, purchasing recycled-content paper products, printing double-sided, and using electronic communication methods in lieu of paper copies when possible.


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