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Business Overview

In 2005, Carolyn Anderson-Fermann founded Simply Organized LifeSM with the mission of helping others let go of clutter to find more time and space for the things that really matter in life.


Sustainable Business Practices

Carolyn Anderson-Fermann, owner of Simply Organized Life, has the unique opportunity to work with businesses and individuals in their spaces that are often overrun with excess items. Her clients trust her to help them eliminate clutter in their lives and expect her to provide them with safe, cost-effective ways to dispose of items that they no longer need. Simply Organized Life focuses on recycling or reusing what the client already owns to get them organized. As a result, approximately 90% of the clients do not need to purchase any organizing tools when working with Simply Organized Life. Throughout the organizing process, Carolyn also educates her clients on how to stay organized in a sustainable fashion. In particular, they discuss obtaining only what is needed (even if is on sale or free!) to effectively run a business or household. Simply Organized Life also tries to eliminate waste on the administrative side of the business by rarely using print marketing materials and relying primarily on email, the website and weblog to share information with interested businesses and individuals.


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