Silvios Organic Pizza

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715 N. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI


Business Overview

Silvio’s pizza is thoroughly Italian. Silvio is from Italy’s Abruzzo region. For 25 years, in his father’s bakery, Silvio was lovingly taught to produce the highest quality breads and pizza dough.

Silvio’s sauce is based on fresh organic herbs and organic tomatoes. The flavorful crust incorporates fine olive oil and is made with organic flour exactly the way Silvio’s father made it. Most of Silvio’s always-fresh toppings are not available at other pizzerias.

At Silvio’s, we use organic ingredients because we value health… ours, yours, and the health of our planet. Organic farming foregoes the use of herbicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers. As a result, soil is not degraded, water supplies are not contaminated and food is safer. Organic farming is labor intensive, so our ingredients may cost a little more, but we believe the results, both environmentally and for the table are worth the investment. Whenever we cannot find certified organic ingredients, we will use ingredients from producers who respect and follow safe “Organic Procedures”.


Sustainable Practices

Silvios is in touch with several local organic farmers which supply the most of the vegetables used during the summer. Unluckily, Michigan weather locks up the chance to have fresh produce all year round, but with the new contacts we had this summer, there are some possibilities to get some products grown in developing greenhouses. In this way the fossil fuels used to produce and transport our vegetables is at a minimum. Were also seeing for a future use of more energy efficient equipment and use of alternative energy for equipment and cars used for delivery.

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