Resource Recycling Systems

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416 Longshore Dr
Ann Arbor, MI


Business Overview

Jim Frey and a small group of recycling specialists founded Resource Recycling Systems in 1986.  Our founding fathers were already recycling pioneers, having demoed the first curbside recycling program in Michigan. United under the RRS banner, they pushed the boundaries of curbside recycling through progressive solid waste plans, advanced processing systems, and single stream recycling.

We’ve assembled a cutting-edge team of professionals, engineers, economists and communications specialists who share this vision and possess core strengths in materials and recovery, coupled with expertise in life cycle management and applied sustainable design. These experts operate confidently across the supply chain, identifying the most leveraged opportunities to affect change, and developing pathways to long-term value.

Our clients are leaders in materials management, and together we have achieved results in which we are very proud. We stay nimble and responsive, providing informed, innovative, actionable solutions to the sustainability challenges of our time.

We have organized our solutions under the general categories of Global Corporate Sustainability, Recovery and Organics, and we operate confidently within and across these areas. If you can’t find the specific service you are looking for, please contact us directly.


Sustainable Practices

In the Resource Recycling Systems office, programs and practices recommended to our clients as means to increase recycling and waste diversion are actively practiced by employees. RRS goes beyond our active recycling program to include reuse, reduction, and rebuying practices.  The kitchen is stocked full of reusable dishes, mugs, and silverware, purchased from area resale shops.  Employees are encouraged and embrace telecommuting, biking and mass transportation in order to reduce our footprint.  Supplies from paper to paper towels are purchased with recycled content.  Composting of food waste is also managed onsite.  At Resource Recycling Systems, we are working towards a zero-waste future in our own facility as well as our clients.


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