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2140 S. Industrial Hwy.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Organization Overview

Founded in 1977, Recycle Ann Arbor is a leader in the recycling industry, offering easy and convenient recycling for the home and workplace.

As a private nonprofit organization, Recycle Ann Arbor is dedicated to providing education and innovative services in the collection, processing and distribution of recyclable materials.

Nationally recognized as an established leader in recycling programs, Recycle Ann Arbor has been instrumental in diverting recyclable waste from landfills and reducing pressure on natural resources.

Recycle Ann Arbor is committed to developing innovative recycling programs that will limit the abundance of reusable materials from ending up in landfills every year while supporting initiatives to improve the environmental quality of our community through recovery, reuse, recycling and effective energy use.

Recycle Ann Arbor started Michigan’s first curbside recycling program in 1978, and currently operates the state’s largest community Drop-Off Station, the ReUse Center, the Ann Arbor curbside recycling program, and Calvert’s Roll-Off Containers, the state’s only non-profit construction recycling organization.


Sustainable Business Practices

Recycle Ann Arbor 2005 honorable mention recipient for Environmental Excellence in Waste Reduction and Recycling in Washtenaw County has been a leader in providing quality recycling and reuse service to the Ann Arbor community for over 25 years. As a non-profit, they run four main programs: The Drop-Off Station, Ann Arbors curbside collection program, the ReUse Center and The En-House Green Building Demonstration Area. Each year is full of accomplishments for Recycle Ann Arbor. Last year, the Drop-off Station collected its one-millionth pound of electronics since the program began in April 2001. The ReUse Center features The Collectors Corner, which displays timeless furniture, original artwork, and rare antiques. RAA has also extended their consulting and event services to neighboring communities outside Ann Arbor and is working to extend curbside service to these areas as well. RAA offers businesses pick-up service for fluorescent bulbs, computer equipment, pallets, Styrofoam, cardboard, and glass, metal and plastic bottles, cans, and a variety of papers.


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