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4150 Platt Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Business Overview

On our road to a zero waste vision there are a host of efforts, investments and commitments to innovation and technology. These commitments include; (i) conversion of dual stream recycling into single stream technology, (ii) more, larger, more convenient and innovative new recycling bins, (iii) new ways to secure active recycling behavior at home, at work and in our schools and (iv) green transformational energy technologies that will covert that part of the waste stream that is not recycled as commodities into environmentally-friendly energy feedstocks.

We are always rethinking conventional recycling and our role in building more vibrant American communities in the process. We know first-hand there is economic-social-environmental power in recovering and transforming materials from what was once called the waste stream. Recommunity was formed to make a real, positive impact within communities everywhere; creating jobs, wealth and environmental leadership.


Sustainable Business Practices

ReCommunity, formerly FCR Recycling, is the City of Ann Arbor's primary solid waste contractor, servicing the local Material Recovery Facility, so recycling is literally their business. Of course, they recycle a great number of things including packing material, scrap metal, fluorescent lights, eWaste, and yard waste, in addition to all the standard recyclables. They know there's more to it than recycling, however, and they show it. ReCommunity saves paper with double-sided printing and paperless invoicing and they reuse a number of different items, ranging from boxes to coffee mugs to waste oil. In an effort to close the loop, ReCommunity purchases hand towels, a variety of paper products, and various other items made from recycled materials. We are glad to recognize ReCommunity as a Waste Knot partner.


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