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Quest Martial Arts

2111 Packard Rd. Suite E
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Business Overview

We opened our dojo (training hall) in 1999 as students of Stephen K. Hayes.  An Shu Hayes is the father of American ninjutsu.  He traveled to Japan to find the mythical grandmaster of ninutsu, the ninja martial arts.  An Shu Hayes was the first American to be accepted into this secret and mysterious art.

And what makes us unique is not just the art we teach, it is the life skills our students learn.  We opened Quest Martial Arts in Ann Arbor Michigan under the guidance of Mr. Hayes because we were so impressed by the community, the support, the warm and inviting atmosphere and the professionalism we experienced in his main dojo.  The level of physical skills and life skills was evident in his students.  And we already knew he had the most effective self defense system available.  


Sustainable Business Practices

With six employees, Quest Martial Arts utilizes double sided printing and reuses toner cartridges as part of their business plan. Along side of their recycling initiatives, Quest Martial Arts continues to improve their energy use by replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights, placing external lights on timers and employing night time setback sensors. With the use of T5 and T8 bulbs in conjunction with electronic ballasts, Quest Martial Arts continues to recycle and save resources at the same time.


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