Pittsfield Charter Township

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6201 W. Michigan Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108




Pittsfield Charter Township has about one-hundred employees in twelve departments to serve the community. In 2005, as part of its Phase II Storm Water compliance program, the Township Administration underwent the assessment process for the Water Resources Commissioners Community Partners for Clean Streams. The Township received recognition for completion in February 2006.


Sustainable Practices

To reduce waste the Township developed a contract with Recycle Ann Arbor, purchased a large number of specialized recycling containers selected for the needs of each building and held employee workshops on recycling. Pittsfield buys recycled content paper and administrative policy requires staff to utilize duplex hard copies when printing or copying. Computers and printers are shut off every night and copiers go on automatic low-energy cycle. Pittsfield installed a high production copier that serves as a network printer and scanner, reducing energy and supply use by scattered desk printers. Pittsfield encourages re-use of office furniture and equipment among offices and share fleet vehicles. Annually, some six-hundred families attend the Townships Annual Clean-Up Day, which provides enhanced recycling services for free to Township residents.


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