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2370 E. Stadium Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Business Overview

Since 1986 Parcel Plus has been serving communities large and small by providing packaging and shipping solutions to the every day consumer as well as big businesses. As a part of the ICED family of franchises, Parcel Plus owners are trained to provide superior customer satisfaction and are instilled with a problem/solution attitude for customers’ packing and shipping needs. Customers are our number one priority at Parcel Plus. Each member of the Parcel Plus team is committed to ensuring your shipping solutions are solved. We understand every customer’s needs are different and unique. That’s why we have an extensive variety of services to offer, and packing and shipping options to fit your personal and business needs, that also provides copying, binding and laminating services. 


Sustainable Business Overview

Parcel Plus recycles a variety of materials, and encourages its customers to recycle by accepting packaging materials for reuse. If items throughout the office are not able to be recycled at the facility, individual employees will take these materials home to be recycled through their residential recycling service. The store strives to reduce the amount of waste produced by using double-sided printing and paperless invoicing. Copier paper and cardboard boxes are purchased containing recycled content materials in order to close the recycling loop. Parcel Plus follows through with a written statement defining their preferred recycling practices and by having a designated employee to oversee their program.


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