Palmer Insurance

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Palmer Insurance

3074 Baker Rd.
Dexter, MI 48130


Business Overview

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Sustainable Business Practices

Palmer Insurance, which offers a complete range of personal insurance services, is as much a leader in waste reduction as it is in the field of insurance. They recycle a wide variety of office materials, such as paper, packaging materials and cardboard, as well as reusing many others, including folders, envelopes and boxes. Their recycling containers are collected by Waste Management and recycled materials are dropped off at the Dexter Township Hall Drop-off Center. In addition, the company prints double-sided pages and uses electronic documents and email for communication in order to reduce paper waste. Finally, the company closes the loop by purchasing envelopes, file folders, toilet paper, garbage bags and cardboard boxes made of recycled materials. In order to ensure employee compliance with the waste reduction program, all new employees are introduced to the program, which is managed by a designated employee. Employees are then rewarded for participating in the program and receive incentives for developing new waste reduction ideas. The company is also conscious of its energy usage and uses ENERGY STAR electronics in its office. Timers on external lights, routine preventative maintenance on major equipment and temperature control measures are also used by the company to conserve energy.


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