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4325 Concourse
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Business Overview

Founded in 1998 we now service over 200 clients in 36 states and provinces throughout North America. They range from some of the largest investor and government-owned utilities (e.g. Duke, DTE, CenterPoint, Entergy, Hydro-Québec or Union Gas) to the smallest co-ops and municipalities. We also support many service providers to this industry from massive consultancies (like Capgemini) to local site-services contractors.

Our 2,000 employees are regrouped into four product divisions:

AccuRead personnel handle all types of electric, gas or water meters, whether commercial or residential. We read and install them, we connect and disconnect them, we manage their data and monitor their status;

DPG, our “damage prevention group”, provides a wide variety of asset-monitoring services for the electric, gas, water, sewer, telephone and cable industries. The services range from underground locate and asset mapping, to damage claims management, pole testing and leak detection;

TelDig is the foremost provider of standard or bespoke software to the “one-call” industry, from call-center operators and locate contractors to the utilities themselves;

Back-Office personnel provide IT and administrative services to many of our clients such as meter data management, work force management, network monitoring, data hosting, billing and call-center services, even document fulfillment. 


Sustainable Business Practices

They have formed a Corporate Environmental Committee to help the company reach its environmental goals by utilizing ISO 14001 Environmental certification. In 2003, Unibar Services Inc. was awarded the ISO 14001 Environmental designation as a result of its Corporate Recycling Program and conversion of cleaning chemicals to Green chemicals at the facility. Through this program paper, cardboard, and batteries are being recycled. In addition to this recycling program, the company practices many waste reduction and reuse techniques. Double-sided printing, paperless invoicing, e-mail, and electronic or web based documents help them reduce their reliance on paper. A number of other items are reused at the facility, helping them to reduce the amount of waste requiring disposal. Not only are new employees apprised of the program and current employees reminded of the program, but employees are also rewarded for their participation in the program; proceeds from their waste reduction and recycling efforts are contributed to an employee fund.  Olameter also works with the community on varies projects such as MAP which helps various veteran facilities by cleaning, planting and upgrading residential facilities that house veterans in need of assistance.  We also work with each and every customer in their local community projects


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