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1015 Broadway St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Business Overview

The Northside Grill is a family diner located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that serves breakfast and lunch. The Grill was established in 1993, when what used to be a dairy, was transformed into a local neighborhood restaurant. Since then, the diner has become a popular eating-place for many and continues to grow in popularity. The Northside Grill specializes in comfort food and quality service. Approximately 90% of Northside Grill's customers are, in fact, return customers. The establishment attempts to attract new customers to the restaurant, confident that these customers will return and will recommend the food and services to others.


Sustainable Business Practices

The Northside Grill started recycling in 1993 when few restaurants were participating in a recycling program. Today they recycle a range of items including paper, cardboard, containers and packaging materials. The restaurant has also decreased the amount of waste they produce by utilizing double sided printing, e-mail and electronic or web-based documents. Single sided paper is reused whenever possible and washable rags are often used in place of their disposable counterparts. Northside Grill also knows that recycling doesnt truly occur until the materials re-enter the marketplace and are purchased as new items. Therefore the restaurant works to close the recycling loop by purchasing a variety of items made from recycled content materials. The Northside Grill believes so strongly in recycling that they help neighboring restaurants recycle as well; a designated cardboard recycling dumpster has been added at their site and they encourage neighboring businesses and employees to recycle their cardboard and paper in it. At least two other businesses have begun recycling their cardboard and paper as a result of Northside Grills efforts!


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