Natural Kids

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2080 Whittaker Rd.
Ypsilanti, MI


Business Overview

Natural Kids is an education, advocacy and consulting company aimed at assisting schools and businesses with creating eco-friendly environments and initiatives.  We promote green products, initiatives and lifestyles that create a healthy planet and healthy children.

Education: We provide environmental workshops for students and training for teachers.

Advocacy: We advocate for green cleaning in schools and eco-friendly fundraising.

Consulting: We provide strategic marketing and green consulting for organizations.


Sustainable Practices

Currently we provide education to youth on environmental stewardship focusing on recycling and energy efficiency.   We have partnered with the DC parks and recreation department to educate youth on the importance of the 3 Rs at summer camps.  We have partnered with the DTE Foundation and Summers Knoll school to educate youth on energy efficiency.  We have assisted Michigan Green Schools with start up activities and developing a web presence and most recently we were awarded a Green Innovators Award by Corp! Magazine in January at the Michigan Goes Green Awards.  Last but not least our advocacy effort, green cleaning in schools is an advocacy effort that NK is excited about as we have partnered with the National Healthy Schools Campaign in Chicago where there is legislation mandating green cleaning in all Illinois schools.  Natural Kids is working locally in Michigan to educate and advocate for green cleaning.



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